About SKM Products

SKM Products originally started in 1985 manufacturing tubular furniture products for the office industry.

In 1988 our focus changed. We received a request from the largest special needs school in Ireland to design and manufacture height adjustable tables that would be accessible for all users, whatever their needs.

From there, working closely with our clients: therapists, parents and teachers, we developed a comprehensive range of solutions with one purpose:

To ensure all our customers are able to maintain
the best ergonomic position possible.

SKM help people from all over Europe get the most out of life, through providing the right surface at the right height. Our Research and Development team are continually working with the leaders in the area of special needs.

We lead the field in terms of Height Adjustable Integration Technology – our products are visually attractive and designed to bring people together, keeping the focus on comfort and productivity, not disability.

In addition to our standard product line, we also offer consultation services – if you have a unique requirement, our team can help you understand the best way to introduce the benefits of height adjustbility.

Contact us today to see how we can help.